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About TGM

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TGM was birthed by two creatives who were set on bringing quality photography & videography to the masses. We felt that attributes such as artistic value, high quality imagery and great customer service had been reserved for the top of the market, a.k.a the big spenders. We wanted to make these qualities accessible to all; and that is still our mission.

We achieve this by positioning our brand as an organisation as opposed to a person. This brings the about following benefits:

- Longer and better customer servicing as we employ dedicated customer service reps for general responses; and then assign each client with a dedicated client liaison.

This helps to provide more personal feel for each customer and whilst maintaining a consistent level of service.

- Better coordinated service as each shooting team is issued with a team coordinator & assistant. This ensures everyone is better informed, from the team, to the wedding coordinator and the client.

- Better value pricing as we are always looking at ways to make our service more efficient and valuable.

We are a team of passionate creators who pride ourselves on delivering excellent output. We focus on delivering complete and thorough coverage of the great moments from your special days and go the extra mile to be creative with it!

We operate with industry leading turnaround times; in some cases delivering entire wedding reels within just TWO weeks after the date. We want to get the memory out of our hands and in yours swiftly to enjoy with your loved ones while they are still fresh in your mind, and after those have passed, we want you to cherish the physical reminders by giving you the very best of quality deliverables. 

All our deliverables are quality checked and approved by our dedicated client's liaison to ensure the client receives TGM's very best.

Each member of our team is a specialist in their respective area, be it your photographer, videographer or team coordinator, so you can be sure you will receive the best person for the job. We also promote a culture of positive vibes, fun and a 'go the extra mile' attitude.


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