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5 Tips For Brides To Prepare For Their Big Day

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Weddings are exciting.

Visual confirmation of one’s love before God, state and family. A statement of commitment bound with a solid band of gold.

Weddings are serious business, a tiny fraction of time spent celebrating the promises and expectations of a lifetime of a new unit; the two bound by family, friends and the ceremony.

Wonderful memories are made during weddings, and it is only appropriate that these memories are immortalized in the pictures and videos taken on the big day.

This is when a wedding photographer/videographer comes in. You will need your images to be crisp, the emotions candid, and the love palpable.

Here are 5 tips brides need to prepare for better photography and a more relaxed outlook on the big day.

First off, do your research.

Take advantage of the resources available to you to find the perfect professional for the wedding. Social media is a great place to start, and if you can - it’s a great idea to create a mood board.

Pinterest has a lot of data you can source for inspiration, a theme, and the style of photography you would appreciate for your special day. At the very least, you must have a plan or an idea about how things should look before you find your photographer.

This is great because it helps them (photographer) better structure how to execute the vision you have and coordinate a more seamless shoot.

Have an accountability partner

This could be your partner, a friend, wedding planner or coordinator. Having someone to lay off some of that stress is very important and helps to keep you in check. When you’re dealing with nerves, technical stuff like arranging logistics, engaging the extended family or one of the many other things that can cause you to worry or stress you out, be accountable to someone. Talk to someone about delegating responsibility and seek help when you need it. You will need all the support you can get for a moment like this, so be surrounded by people you can trust.

Invest in your looks for the day

Relax, we’re not saying you need Botox.

You need the perfect dress, jewellery that is unique but also comfortable, flawless makeup, great video and photography, and most important of them all - comfortable shoes.

If all the movies about weddings and brides are anything to go by, we know that if things are going to go wrong, they will go wrong. Mitigate this by being proactive.

Things tend to take a difficult turn for the bride if there’s a delay or an issue with makeup, or the dress, or that of bridesmaids etc. so make it a point to address these things before your wedding day. Hire good professionals. Prepare a plan with your planner and stylists and ensure they stick to it. Devising a schedule that they align with helps to cut down on some of the anxiety. Take a test run - have a dress rehearsal with some of these professionals to see how well they execute and how you and your team (bridesmaids, family, accountability partner) can help.

Practice self-care

Dear Bride, don’t forget to breathe. This can all be very overwhelming and it is important to practice self-care so you don’t melt into a puddle.

Take care of your body, eat well, rest, keep calming people and calming things you enjoy around. Take some time away from work - a few days to prepare yourself for this milestone will not collapse business. Find time to do activities that help to center you, whether it’s listening to music, hiking, spending time with friends, going to the beach and so on.

Invest in lighting.

Having a skilled wedding photographer could make all the difference here. You don’t need to get married at the Sistine Chapel to have great photos, but lighting is the one thing you can’t compromise on for those great moments.

If you’re going to get dressed at home, make sure you’re close to a light source. A window with a lot of natural light is great for this as it helps the make-up artist and the photographer taking preparation shots of you do a better job, plus your photos come out the very best way. If this is inaccessible from home for any reason and you can afford it, you can book a hotel room/suite with better lighting.

Talk through your options with your photographer and settle on a very-well lit location for your couple shots, they may have some locations in mind or a few tricks up their sleeve to wow you. These pictures are going to be a reference from that day for a long time to come, it’s best that they are done right.

Marriage is the beginning of life and family together, as one unit. The ceremony only solemnizes it. Be prepared for it. Be happy with the choice you have made and let that joy radiate through you during this time with friends & family. You’ll do great.

And you will keep some of these memories for a lifetime. So keep your enemies close, but your wedding photographer closer.

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